Holo!!!! Yowa here!!!  So you might be wondering what kind of person I am...

Before I give you a paragraph about me I just wanted to explain why my blogger name is Yowa.
Yowa is an Utauloid (not a vocaloid)  Utauloids are similar to vocaloids but their sound quality is different.  I decided on Yowa basically because I love her purple hair and you know... utauloids should be recognized too :D
So even though she's not popular and nobody knows her, she'll always be special to me. 

Name: Yowa

Birthday: 5/5/99

Grade: 10

Hobbies:  Watching anime, reading manga, drawing, listening to music, blogging (although I get lazy    
                 sometimes...), chatting with friends, hanging out with friends, eating, and playing music.

My fave kpop bands include:

Infinite (bias: Sungyeol, the one on the far left XD)

SHINee (bias: Onew, again one on the far left XD)

U-KISS (bias: Kiseop err the one in the center of the top row XD)

Umm and recently I became interested in BtoB and Phantom
Their really good and you should try listening to all of them XD

My first post on this blog has a long introducing me thing so if you want to read more then you know where to go!! :D

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