Friday, May 10, 2013

I am an ALPACA :D

Heyo everybody!!  I'm back and yeahh... I have again not posted in a long time, but this time the hiatus   was shorter :D

So today I'm going to write a review for No. 6
It's super good, I seriously liked it, I cried at the end, but...
I just didn't like the end end, like the part where everything ended.
It felt unsatisfying to me, one of the characters left, and it was like a cliffhanger.
But otherwise, the anime itself was awesome.

This anime takes place in the future,  all of Earth is supposedly uninhabitable after the wars and so the districts were formed.  I guess you can say the setting is similar to that of The Hunger Games.
So, the district No. 6, is the perfect world, the perfect district, a technology utopia.  Everybody lives in peace there, no disturbance.  At least that's what everybody thinks.
Shion, a 12-year boy living a perfect life; is about to have everything flip flopped.
One knight a run-away criminal ran (jumped) into Shion's house.  Having been shot, Shion treats the criminal who was around the same age as him.  His name was Nezumi, meaning "rat" in Japanese.

After Nezumi left, Shion was interrogated by the police due to him not sending in a report about not knowing the whereabouts of the criminal.  Finally admitting the truth, Shion and his mother were escorted away to a different town that was less privileged.  

Now 16 years old, Shion gets accused for disloyalty towards the government and also murder.  On his way to the correctional facility Nezumi makes a reappearance and saves Shion.  Making him leave everything behind, Nezumi takes Shion outside the boundaries of No. 6, where all the banished people resided; in the dangerous "uninhabitable" land.  

This anime is about Nezumi and Shion working together and eventually finding out about the truth behind No. 6

I REALLY loved this anime
but this was the first anime I watched that came close to shounen-ai.
Uhhhh I just overlooked that and I enjoyed it a lot in the end.

(the depth romance is two kisses)

All in all, it was very interesting and I thought it was great.  
Here's the song Nezumi sang that made me cry:

Well I'm going to go for today :D made a lot of changes to my blog if you haven't noticed yet

I'll make sure I blog more often ^.^

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