Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hero Peoples~

     Holo!  So... I'm Yowa, and this is my new blog!!!  Okay, I have another blog that I share with my friend GUMI and to be honest that blog is way awesomer cuz we've worked on it all last summer.  So here's the blog address if you get bored with my new boring blog:
I know the only people that will be on this blog will be my friends, so let me advertise their blogs too to make them feel better!!!!
If you want some random stuff, go to Random Stuff With Chrisy!!
And if you want to be bored out of your mind even more, go to this blog about science and stuff by my nerdy friend!!!!
Yeah, so now that I'm done advertising, I just wanted to say a few things about what I want to do with this blog.

1.  I am an anime otaku, so this blog will have a lot of stuff on anime.  ( and manga )
     *otaku-geek in japanese

Pandora Hearts... One of my favorites!!!!

2.  I dislike many American culture pop artists, such as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and all that people junk.
     The kind of music I like is the honorable KPOP  
     One of my favorite songs:

You & I  by IU

3.  I am a crazy weirdo that does crazy things and I'm proud of this trait.

4.  I love my friends and family, so I'll mention them a lot.
5.  I LOVE playing music!!!

     I play the piano and the flute
P.S. I guess I enjoy any music that's catchy, upbeat, cute and stuff.  The other side (the calmer side) of me enjoys classical music.

SO... that's all you really need to know about me, and those are the topics that I'll be talking about my blog mostly, and all the weird stuff and dramatic stuff happening in my life.
Ok, so I'm done for now... until next time!!!


  1. Make a post about Tardigrades.


  2. Hey hey. Love the new post. Post more about me! YAH COME AND BE ONE OF MY FIVE VIEWERS!!