Sunday, May 20, 2012


Holo people!!!  So this is the kind of post where I talk about my personal life but not so much that you practically know everything about me. (sorry stalkers!!) Firstly, I twisted my ankle on Wednesday last week playing soccer during gym.... And then on Friday I went to Six Flags with my school's music department( I play the flute, and if you don't know that I'll know that you didn't read my first post!!!!) *well technically I won't know, but you get what I least I hope you do...

Ok, so we got to the school at 6 AM on Friday, and performed at the Holy Family school then headed over to Great Adventure.

So I think you should know something about me:  I'm a wimp when it comes to roller coasters so I only went on like those minor rides....don't blame me it's my mom's fault.  So if anything you should blame my mom!!! ( just kidding mom...)  So yeah, my group was half yelling at me to go... my friend GUMI  was also persuading me, despite her fear of roller coasters as well.  So yep, got back at 8:45 PM that day after dropping GUMI off at her house.   SO....Friday was tiring.

NEXT:  Yesterday I went to chinese school and then dance class. ( oh poo I forgot to mention my passion for dancing on my first post...oh well too late now)  But anyways, I really love dancing and the type of dance I do is traditional chinese dancing. ( props include: fans, ribbons, steel fans, swords, and other stuff that I can't remember at the moment)  so with a half healed ankle I walked around Six Flags and danced my heart out. ugh, I was so TIRED.

Then this morning my grandparents were leaving to go back to Japan ( my grandma's Japanese so I'm a quarter)  and I woke up at 6 to go to the airport to see them off.  After that today was my chinese school's organization's FUN DAY and I performed my ribbon dance with my two dance partners.  Sigh.... there's MORE....  Then there were the outdoor events.  So there was the three-legged race and one of my dance partners and I won against all these high school guys.  We won 1st place 3 out of 4 times.  That one time we got second.  (mind you that my ankle is still sorta hurt and is healing)
   OK then we had the tug-o-war.  The biggest event of all.... my chinese school won 500 dollars for being 1st place in everything.  (in the organization there are 5 chinese schools including mine although one of the schools didn't bother showing up)  So.....That's pretty much the end of my story besides the fact that I had some homework to do.  Therefore right now I'm just chillaxing after finishing homework, waiting for my bed time and wake up tomorrow for school.

That's why this post is called Exhausted~ because this weekend practically killed me...

Yeah... but chatting with my good friends that I know personally and know as blogger friends really made me feel better.  * See my first post for details about other blogs to visit.

It's kind of getting late and I need to take a shower to wash away the grime of today...
so おやすみ ( Oyasumi-japanese for good night)  

Currently reading or watching: none...waiting for next chapter of Pandora Hearts

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