Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review: Tsuritama

Holo!! Yowa here, and today I present you with my SECOND anime review!!! (first was Gosick, and it was also really good so if you want you can go check it out!!)
So yesterday I finished an anime called Tsuritama, and it's officially one of my favorite animes.  I loved it so much, the anime seems so innocent, so you wouldn't except them having to save the WORLD!!!!Yeah... I seriously LOVED it
Okay, so I'll give you my summary of the anime:
So.... What happened was Yuki (the red haired guy) lives with his grandma, but due to her work they move around a lot.  So poor Yuki never has enough time to make friends.  Therefore, he has awful social skills, and whenever he gets nervous he thinks he's drowning and he starts sweating and his face gets all UGLY.

Yeah, so he just moved to a new city/town called Enoshima. (this place is next to the ocean)  So on his first day, there came in two transfer students including himself.  The other person was...
HARU!!! ( the blond guy, my all time fave character next to Oz from Pandora Hearts cuz I also love him )  Ok, so Haru walked into the classroom  and exclaimed, "Konnichiwa!!! I'm Haru and I'm an alien!!!"
Strange huh?  What's more is Yuki's grandma decided to let Haru stay at their house?
Because he's an alien he doesn't understand some things...
Haru is very energetic and persuading and soooo because of Haru, they met Natsuki (the black haired guy) Natsuki is the "fishing prince" and the anime is about the group of friends fishing.  Now you must be wondering who the guy with the turban is.  That's Akira, and he's holding his pet duck Tapioca... He's a DUCK agent and their agency moniters.. ALIENS???  So what in the world caused them to save the world????   Anyways, that's for you to watch and find out!!

Haru is such a cheerful guy who made friends with so many people during his stay in Enoshima.

He needs water or he'll dry out??
Yah... Haru made friends with everyone!!! Who would've known he would have to risk his life to... never mind...
 This anime will make you like this here Haru.

Sorry with all the pictures of Haru, I love him to pieces... here's another pic... (psst click on the rainbow Haru)


Anyways, this is on my fave anime list, so I totally recommend it!!!

Well, luvs!!!



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