Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Holo!! Yowa here, and today's post is about U-KISS's BIRTHDAY!!!!
YAY!!! Well, I guess you could it a "birthday", but normal people would call it an anniversary.  Too bad I'm not a normal person!! Okay, so today is the 4th birthday of U-KISS...of when they debuted in Korea with their first mini album New Generation.  Yeah... but I think they debuted in Japan first or something like that, my sources aren't that clear and reliable.  So since I'm a Kiss me, I wanted to do this post for them.

To tell you the truth, it was only recently that I got more into liking kpop.  I started listening during summer last year, but I didn't have a particular FAVORITE band.  Until SHINee's 4th birthday ( May 25th) I didn't have a favorite.  But then I started to listen to SHINee and really liked it, so I was obsessed for a while. (obsessed as in I have posters in my room )  Then a couple weeks ago, I thought I should look into something else... I heard my friends talking about U-KISS and thought I might give it a shot.  (lol a fun fact: Right up to the point when I searched up U-KISS I thought they were a girl group...)  So yeah.. then I really liked U-KISS and became a Kiss me.
Just yesterday I finished watching U-KISS's Vampires, it was really good and HILARIOUS!!! (Vampires is U-KISS's variety show... and P.S. I also watched SHINee's Hello Baby)

The members of U-KISS from left to right are: Hoon, AJ, Dongho (maknae), Kiseop, Kevin, Soohyun (leader), and Eli.  My favorite member is Kiseop, I think his personality is cute after watching Vampires.  (hahaha cuz he ran away after seeing a sky diving ride during his amusement park date.... I can totally relate to that cuz I can't do high and fast things :D)

Ok... I have to do some summer homework, so see you!!! 


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