Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kimi To Boku

Holo!! Yowa here, and I just found the time before school to rapidly make this post.  Oh yeah~ Super fast typing mode!!  Ok, so right now I'm watching this anime called Mawaru Penguindrum, and it's so mysterious and confusing and unexpected.. I LOVE IT!!!  So since I'm not done with it yet, I can't give you a good review.  That's why I'm doing the review for the anime I watched BEFORE it!! The AWESOME...KIMI TO BOKU!!!!  

Kay... Super fast typing mode BEGIN!! (please comment and tell me if I have any typos thanks!!)

So.... These four childhood friends: Yuki, Yuta, (twins) Kaname (glasses), and Shun (girly boy with redish hair).  They grew up together and stuff... then in high school there was a new transfer student named Chizuru, who I think is the crazy nut of the group.  So this anime is about their days together in high school.  I think the manga is still ongoing though. And don't think this anime is boring cuz I laughed my heart out!! Also there is a hint of romance, not between the guys, so no yaoi in case you don't like that... This was the anime I decided to watch from reading Ayu's older posts on her top animes of 2011 I think. ( Ayu-  And as she said in her post, this was also my first time watching an anime where all the main characters are guys.   Sigh... This was such a cute little story and I love them all!!! Oh... and my favorite character... right.  I absolutely love Yuki, but my favorite would be Chizuru, because even though he's reckless and crazy, you'll understand he has a soft heart after he falls in love...

... I'm so totally rushing... but I don't have a choice.  So about a week ago, I got CDs from my cousins who went to Taiwan.  I got one U-KISS CD and one SHINee CD.  For more information I crawled out of hiatus in my shared blog and posted about my CDs there!! So please go visit!! ( GUMI and Yowa's blog-

Ok... now I seriously gtg to school, mom's yelling at me... Oh yeah.. One more thing.  If you haven't noticed yet, the music for my mixpod is always one of my favorite kpop songs, then the opening song of the anime I'm currently watching, SHINee's Your Name, then another fave kpop song.  And the songs are listed in the Extra info Bouts mah Blog tab up top.  So... yea.. I have to go and I'll try posting ASAP!!!

Super Fast Typing Mode: END

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