Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stop Girl

Holo!! Yowa here, with an EMERGENCY POST, again, early in the morning!!!! 

U-KISS's 7th mini album came out at midnight last night!!!! AHHHH!!! (fan girl scream)  OMG and it's GOOD TOO!!!! goshlickles I'm so happy...  Anyways, this new album, I watched the MV just now, and it's coolios!!  If you watched the teaser then you'll know there's black and white version but yeah... It's GOOD!!!  Sigh I've been waiting so long...
Okay, so this is their new MV:

Sorry, the video thing wouldn't work for some reason so I just put a url.

So YEAH I'm so excited, and happy that I did one post for two days in a row, but yeps.
Ok... So yeahs.... I have to go to school now, and I only did this post because I was an itching fan girl who had to type it all out or else she'll probably squeal and wake up her younger siblings

So yeah... Oh and one more thing, it's not about U-KISS.
I just wanted to ask if you people readers would like me to have a picture starting out at all times, or just during anime reviews??? I tried it this time to see if it looked good, and I think it looks alright.

SO please leave a comment telling me what you think, and if you're a U-KISS fangirl then go shout out in my chat tagboard


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