Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bunches Of Recommendations

Heyo everybody!!  Yowa here, and today I'm gonna recommend a bunch of good stuff that I've been interested in!! photo bunnylove.gif

Sooo first up is music  photo kittysinging.gif
Bands to check out: (btw everything I'm gonna recommend is kpop, and their all guy bands)

1.  Phantom
It's a three guy band, and although in my opinion they aren't that handsome, their voices are like HEAVENLY!!  photo kittyglad-1.gif
From left to right the band members are: Sanchez, Hanhae, and Kiggen.  Their stage names are a little weird but they're amazing nonetheless.

Fave song by them:  Seaweed Soup (weird title but really sweet lyrics photo kitttsnifflehappy.gif)
... ok so maybe they are handsome.. hehe
2.  C-Clown
A six guy band, all guys like SUPAH HOT!! photo beardrool.gif
I really like their music, it's catchy and as I said before, they're all lookers.
Real cute guys like wow.  I don't really have a bias yet, as it was yesterday when I first started listening to them.

Fave song by them:  Solo, or Faraway Young Love.

On the bottom from left to right: Ray, Siwoo, Kang Jun, T.K., Rome, and Maru.
If I had to choose a favorite guy, I wouldn't be able to... but at the top of my list would have to be... photo bearspeechless.gif
T.K. and Kang Jun photo kittyheart.gif
Haha I really like T.K. but his name always makes me laugh because of T.K. from the anime Angel Beats.. that dude was seriously weird.  I KISS YOU!!!  photo chicklove.gif(does head spin)

3.  Eric Nam
This guy's a solo singer, from America and is like super talented.  Also really handsome.  I'm like... photo beargasp.gif
Wahhh he's really handsome. photo bearballoon.gif Wait a minute he's from America.  Why people in mah school no look like him??? photo kittyreallymad.gif (enters state of depression photo bunnydepressed.gif)

Fave song by him:  Love Song (corny name but really good song)

Seeee super good looking.  Life isn't fair, all the people at my school are ugly TT^TT)
Next I have animes photo kittytwinkle.gif

1.  Lovely Complex
I recently re-watched Lovely Complex, and it was awesome just like I remembered it!! SUPER FUNNY and a MUST WATCH anime.  So if you love comedy and romance this is totally the anime for you!! photo kittysmilewink.gif

Soo funny.  Soo sweet.  Soo adorable.  Sooo you have to watch it. XD

2.  Otome Youkai Zakuro
Really good anime, sweet, funny, and cool beans. I'm not going to go into depth with the plot cuz this isn't a review, but it's like about spiritual stuff.  Meaning Japanese spirits, a.k.a. youkai.

It was really cute and has romance but also has action.  I really loved it. photo alpacayellowlove.gif

Well that's all I've got for today.  I have to go study cuz I got a math final on Wednesday, and even though I'm in honors math and am asian... my math ain't so great  photo kittyhappythensad.gif .  Well, Happy Memorial Day  photo kittytwinklie2.gif, (it's tomorrow) and if you live in America then, have a nice long weekend!  If you live in my town, then YAY we have Tuesday off too!! photo kittynod.gif 

Sigh that felt nice... haven't had a long post in a while. 

See you then~~ photo bearwave.gif 

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