Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Anniversary Time!!!

Heyo everybody!! Yowa here, and today I'm posting about anniversaries.  Sooo...

Today is not the day of any of the anniversaries I'm about to talk about, but either before or after.  photo kittycathehe.gif
Hmm let's see...  photo kittycathmm.gif

1.  Happy Anniversary SHINee!!  
     Sooo May 25th 2013 was SHINee's 5th anniversary, so congrats!!  photo kittyglad-1.gif

got this pic off asianfanfics.net
i think :D

2.  Happy Anniversary Infinite! 
 June 9th marks the day of Infinite's 3rd anniversary sooo congrats my boys!  photo kittycatwelcomeeverybody.gif

3.  Happy Anniversary 2NE1
2NE1's 4th anniversary was on May 17th!  Fighting!  photo kittycatUMIBOUZU.gif

4.  Happy Anniversary SS501!!
Even though you're already disbanded, I still listen to you guys all the time! photo plotsparklesparkle.gif
June 8th

5.  Just a Bunch Of Birthdays of My FRIENDS
 This is more of for the people that I'm close to, so LISTEN UP PEEPS!! I <3 U GUYS FOREVER!! photo bunnycutecute.gif

May 17th- Esha & French Horn Buddy
May 20th- Preetiha Oh The Talking Mine Bush
May 21st- Hemali
June 2nd- Gail
June 9th- Rachie-poo
June 12th- Teddy
June 14th- GUMI

Oh, and MY birthday just passed so Happy Birthday Self!! ( May 5th)  photo plotbutterfly.gif

6.  Happy Anniversary The Pudding Cup!!  photo 9_wink.gif
I totally forgot, but it's been about a year since I started this blog, so I wanna thank everybody who supported me, followed me, commented, and chatted with me at my cbox. photo purpleorb.gif  I really love you all, and at the moment, I have reached 6699 page views in total.  photo 7_love.gif SO THANKS EVERYONE!!

Well, I have to get going for today.
Last day off, and I have my math finals tomorrow. photo kittycatdepressed.gif

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