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Heyo everybody!! Yowa here, and I've got some animes to recommend!  My kpop recommendations will probably be done tomorrow.  photo teddybearmusicnote.gif

1.  Blast of Tempest

 photo bunnycutesparklesforeverybody.gifEPIC~~~~~
Brief Description:

Fuwa Aika was murdered in her house.  Fuwa Mahiro, driven by anger, revenge, and pain, swore to find the killer and kill him.  After a year, the culprit was not yet found.  Annoyed, Mahiro set out on his own to find the killer once and for all.  Takigawa Yoshino, Mahiro's best friend, was later attacked by a woman looking for Mahiro.  Mahiro comes to the rescue... with magic?  Mahiro had struck a deal with the Kusaribe clan princess who was stuck on an island.  If Mahiro helps Hakaze stop her clan, then she would track down Aika's killer.

Okay, so I left out a lot of details but it's really hard to explain a complicated plot in like one paragraph. photo kittycatidkwhattodo.gif

But this anime is one of my favorites, I really enjoyed it.

2.  Magi

 photo bunnycutesparklesforeverybody.gif    EPIC~~~~~
         Brief Description:

Alibaba was working and saving up money so he could one day enter the dungeon Amon and clear it to gain enormous sums of treasure.  Aladdin was a young magi traveling with his djinn Ugo.  Together, Alibaba and Aladdin cleared Amon and became good friends.  Along the way they had freed Morgiana, a Fanalis slave.  This anime is about their adventures and stuff. :D

Also one of my favorites, I strongly recommend it.  photo alpacawhitelove.gif

3.  Soul Eater

 photo bunnycutesparklesforeverybody.gif    EPIC~~~~~
         Brief Description:

A weapon is a person who has the abilities to turn into a weapon.  A meister is the weapon wielder.  Both types of people attend the school DWMMA run by Lord Death.  If the weapon and his/her partner gains 99 afreet souls and 1 witch's soul, the weapon will attain its most powerful form: a Death Scythe.  This anime is about completing missions assigned by Lord Death, trying to become a death scythe, and keeping madness at bay.  

REALLY FUNNY.  If you're into comedy and action, this is the anime for you :D

4.  Kuroko no Basket

 photo bunnycutesparklesforeverybody.gif    EPIC~~~~~
         Brief Description:

Teiko Middle School had 5 amazing basketball players that led them to victory every game they played.  They were called the Generation of Miracles.  However, there was a hidden 6th member, the shadow of the team who excelled in passing only.  In his first year of highschool, Kuroko Tetsuya (phantom 6th member) teamed up with Kagami Taiga to beat the Generation of Miracles.  

Really awesome, if you're into sports, this is a really good anime.

5.  Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%

 photo bunnycutesparklesforeverybody.gif    EPIC~~~~~
         Brief Description:

Saotome Gakuen is a music school made to train people for them to become idols.  Two types of people attend this school:  People who want to be idols, and people who want to be composers.  Main character Nanami Haruka wants to become a composer to compose songs for her beloved idol HAYATO-sama.  Along with all her friends, they overcome many difficulties and in the end of the anime the debut.  (sooo many pretty boyssss~~ if you wanna fangirl over something then definitely watch this) 

From left to right:  Ichinose Tokiya, Shinomiya Natsuki, Kurusu Syo, Jinguji Ren, Hijirikawa Masato, Ittoki Otoya.  

I'm watching the second season right now, : Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 2000%
Both are really good, I hope you'll watch it and enjoy it as much as I did. 

Well, this is it for today!
I'll be coming with my kpop recommendations tomorrow!! (or music recommendations, whatever)

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