Thursday, May 24, 2012


Holo!!  Yowa here!!  Sooo what's the meaning of post name?  ....
I really don't know... I just couldn't decide on what to name it?   Anyways, I'm doing another post right now about my daily life.  So for the past few days, I've had a lot of science homework.  It's a group project where we do 100 question cards for our topic and make a life science board game based on a popular game.  So we did SORRY! and I got the topic:  GENETICS.  Poo for me because we didn't do genetics in class yet so I had to interpret everything myself by reading the textbook.  And unfortunately for me, I had a very... "difficult" group.  So, since I'm trying not to reveal any private info about me, I'll use code-names.  The most difficult person was:  Bloop.  She is a very bossy know-it-all that thinks she is the most talented person in the world.  Let's see... she always forgets her homework because she plays piano and is like level 8 or something, she attempted to study flute privately (and I bet she's not good at all... no offense) and she swims so much that I'm surprised she doesn't come to school with wrinkly skin like an old person.   hahaha just kidding.  The thing is I really have no clue whether or not she really is that talented, but that's not the point.  She thinks she's better than the rest of the group, yet makes us do a lot of her work.  Ok, so moving on to the next group member... Mr. Hair!!!!!
So Mr. Hair is this short little dude who is not the best at homework, and another swimmer.  So... let's see....
Mr. Hair is kind of I don't know....clumsy? He's kind of baby-ish and has cool hair and a cute little face that makes him look like a 4th grader.  The poor kid has a crush on Bloop but Bloop is really rude to him.
Mr. Hair is ummmm loud and clumsy so Bloop always yells at him.    But he's a nice guy unlike Bloop.  The only good good thing about Mr. Hair is that he has AWESOME hair.  Like all spiky and sticking up but he doesn't use gel.  Cool eh?   Hahaha

So the last group member is really nice...yet gives me a lot of trouble.  She came from China and barely knows how to speak English so I have to help her on quizzes, tests, and homework.  But I'm really proud of her, she's improved a lot in English and following directions.  She did everything for the project efficiently so I really think I'm finally doing something right!!! (not)
So today was the day that everything was due and I think that maybe Bloop has become nicer because even though Mr. Hair forgot to put his answer on the question card in all caps, she DID NOT YELL AT HIM!!!!
Whoa, some sort of miracle...  Yeah, so that was just a brief description of my group.  I just wanted to say that it took me FOREVER to make up 100 genetics questions, type them up, print them on card stock paper, and outline the cards in green marker.  Last night I worked till 12 o'clock!!! Good thing Monday is Memorial Day so we have off tomorrow!!!  sigh

My back hurts and yeah....My life is so messed up like that cat

just kidding  Yea...o
I forgot to mention that just this week a nerdy friend of mine invented the next big thing
behold:  The PENcil  it's a pen and pencil connected by a paper clip.
It's amazing.  When I can get a pic of the ORIGINAL then I will definitely put it on the blog.

Sorry for another non-otaku post.. this was mostly the smiley.

Ok, so for the next post I will put lots of kpop in and then maybe I will be starting another anime.

It's getting late and I wanna go to sleep...
So.... night!!!!

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