Saturday, May 26, 2012


Holo, Yowa here!!!  I know last post I said I would give a kpop post this time but... alas I have more to say about my twisted life.  Soooo why did I name this post rainbows?  Because I know a bunch of them.  Now, you may be thinking, Yowa, I think you've gone nuts, you can't KNOW a rainbow!!!!  Well, by rainbows, I really meant friends.   They are the bridges that hold up my world, the arches that support me when I need the support.   I feel so touched that my friends have never failed me and have always been there to guide me through life and such.  A couple of friends that have REALLY contributed to my life are: Kiwi the puppy lover ( gonna write kiwi puppy for short), GUMI (my blog partner from ), and Chiemi-chan (Chrisy from  So those are the three friends that are the brightest rainbows in my life that are supportive, beautiful, and can simply make my day!!!

Although there are times when my friends aggravate me, and instead of a rainbow there is indeed a storm cloud,  there are more times that they're rainbows, so I easily forgive them.   I love my friends dearly and here's a little something about each of them to let you know that even though I've been complaining through my last posts, that I'm still a happy camper.

Kiwi the puppy lover:  She is a crazy whack weirdo just like me, so whenever she makes the weirdest remark, I understand the crazy-ness so I just say something just as weird back.  She cares for me a lot, and always understands the weird situations I'm stuck in.  An example of her crazy-ness is her pineapple theory.  It states:
All pineapples are from unicorn stomachs and that are disguised as jellybeans SOOO don't EVER eat a jelly bean again because it's actually a unicorn's stomach in disguise with a pineapple inside!!!!
That's Kiwi Puppy for you... P.S. I came up with weirder theories that I'll share with you on another post!

GUMI :  She's this athletic and fun-loving crazy girl...not as far-fetched as Kiwi Puppy, but still pretty crazy.  Her care is always there when I need it, like when I have a stomach-ache.  After school I walk to her house instead of to the elementary school.  I get to relax at her house instead of stand around waiting for my siblings to get out of school.  She has helped me through a lot of homework things and such.  A very caring friend.

Chiemi-chan:  She is the most random person I've ever met.  The topics of our conversations will never be understood by and outsider, or even another friend.  She always gets things mixed up, such as curses, and is clumsy at times... She is another really caring friend, like in 4th grade if my braces were causing me pain through the pressure, she would ask, " Would wax help?"  Of course it wouldn't, but it's really the thought that counts!!  And one more thing: She LOVES hitting me.
If a frying pan were available, it would "accidentally" hit my face...

So... those are my closest friends that are the toughest rainbows that I have come across.
If I ever come across any problems, these rainbows here are there to help me out of my depression.

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  1. I do not get flowering curses mixed up! Everyone else does.

    Chiemi Chan ;D