Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ahhh Long time no see....

Holo!! Yowa here!!!  Sorry I haven't posted in such a long time, it's just that either I've been lazy, or I've been too busy. (with vacation and summer camp) Don't give up on my blog!!! Check on my every once in a while!!!  For vacation, before school ended I went on a Disney cruise!!!  It was awesome, and I missed the last full week of school.  Then I went to a summer camp that my township runs for about a month.  Right after that summer camp ended, i went to yet another summer camp.  This summer camp is my favorite of all time. It's a chinese summer camp that my chinese school's organization has every year for a week.  During that week we take arts and crafts classes, dance classes, and chinese yoyo classes.  There are different teachers every year so we never know what we're going to make, or out of what material.  We also get two field trips, we go ice skatingand bowling.  It's super fun, and everyone feels like family after the fun times we have together all week, every year.

Now, let me update you on a couple more things.  Lately I've been OBSESSED with SHINee, this Korean boy band.  I think that they're absolutely amazing.  So In my sWeets mUsic playlist, there are two songs by SHINee, but both are music box version.  The first song on my playlist is called Stop Music box.  I don't know who it's by, but I found it on Youtube and really liked it so I put it on the playlist.  The second song is SHINee's Kiss Kiss Kiss that is their only song that is only in Japanese and there is no Korean version.  The last song that I had was Jojo, also by SHINee, and one of my favorite songs.  If you listen to the normal version, then you might wonder what Jojo means, or if it's someone's name.  Well I researched and found out that Jojo means sweetheart in Korean... or something close to that.

From left to right is Onew, the leader, Taemin, maknae and lead dancer, Jonghyun, lead singer, Minho, the rapper, and lastly Key, the guy who raps, sings, and dances...only a bit of each.  My favorite is ONEW i think he is the best, and he has an amazing voice.... so yeah a plus is he's really funny and he's clumsy.  I think clumsy guys are cute.

Ummm more to say.... During my chinese summer camp, my closest friends from childhood came back to visit.  Sisters, one is the same age as me, and the other is two years younger than me.  I love them to pieces and miss them always ( haha the onion is exaggerating)

The one who's as old as me is a smiley otaku like me, and a Kpop lover, which means she makes up a great friend, and it's really easy to talk with her.  i thought it would be awkward because we haven't seen each other for what...2 years?  But it turned out to be great, and we stayed up really late each night talking to each other and trying to make up for all the lost time we haven't been able to see each other.
My code name for her will be Sweetie because she's really sweet and when I ran into trouble during the chinese camp she always listened to all my problems and gave me advice.  As for her little sister, I will nickname her Zombie Gurl (hahaha she's gonna hate me for this) only because she is obsessed with the game Plants vs Zombies, and the one who got me playing, and I love that game.  So those two stayed at my house for a week and the weird thing was we left them at our house.  huh?  Haha the reason was because they were staying in my town for a couple more days and I was going on vacation on the Saturday after camp ended.  So my parents told them to stay at our house until they had to leave and we left on a long car trip.  When I left my house I was near tears but seeing that Sweetie and Zombie Gurl weren't shedding any tears, I stayed strong because there's always a next time.
We went to Acadia, Maine.  The drive was supposed to take like 12 hours or something but we stopped in Boston, Massachusetts for two nights and then drove to Maine.  We stayed in Maine for 3 nights and then we drove to Newport, Rhode Island.  We stayed at Newport for 1 night and then drove home.  Sigh, that trip was nice.  My family went with two other families, also very close friends of mine, but both guys.  One is nice and funny and a bit taller than me (hmmm hows abouts Stephanie), the other is somewhat strange, funny, tall and bony (hahaha ummm Justina ).  They are also very close friends with Sweetie and Zombie Gurl.  We're all one big family, and I was heartbroken when Sweetie and Zombie Gurl moved to Texas.  Then umm Stephanie moved to somewhere 45 min away from where I live so it was just me and umm Justina.  So yeah... those are my closest family friends.

Well I covered a lot on this post.... WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!! One more thing.  I watched the anime Gosick and it was really good.  Ok that's all I have to say today....


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  1. hey.. sweetie here!just read your blog, yowa and i love you <3!!!!!!!!!! and your awesome blog!! the best in the world!! and u gave me such a SWEET nickname *BLUSH so happy!