Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Art

Holo!!! Yowa here with as my title explained, my art!!!!  In my Ummm me page that describes me and the things in life that make me whole, I said that I was quite a handy person.  Well sort of... So I took pictures of things that I made in the past few years, and decided to let YOU be the judge of how good I am. (or how bad...)  Anyways, if you were following my old shared blog then you may have already seen some of these pictures.  And a real bummer was I couldn't find the butterfly I made with chinese knotting in my messy room... oh well I'll just show you what I've got
This is my fish that I made a couple years ago
in my extracurricular class in chinese school

I mentioned going to the Chinese
summer camp in my last post and from
this year I made this clay froggy

When I went to China two summers
ago I learned how to make strawberries and
dragonflies with beads.  I still have supplies in the closet

This is a flower made from straws, a project of last year's
Chinese summer camp
This is the ball I made with a bell inside.  Product of the Chinese summer
camp that I mentioned in the caption with the froggy.

My grandma on my dad's side is Japanese so she brought me
a beading kit from Japan knowing that I like 3-D beading
I made this cute little cake in a long and frustrating morning
P.S. sorry for the creepy plastic bag but I couldn't find the yellow
notebook.  Can't let you see my face you know
This is another straw project from last
year, it's a flower pin made from special
straws  I thought this was super cool.
This is a candy cane that I made in the same
place as the yellow fishy


In the summer camp that my township has every
year, I made this pillow (last year)
These are flowers that I forgot the name of...
Last year I learned how to make these from Youtube
This is a seahorse made from the special straws and also made in the Chinese summer camp last year

              This is the pink version of the straw flower above.
                  Personally I think the purple one came out better...
This is one of the works I'm most proud of.
I made this owl in 4th grade at the extra classes in
Chinese school

Last but not least
these are the dragonflies that I made out of beads... same place I
learned how to make the strawberries

So the pictures above show my most treasured
achievements in arts and crafts
So somewhat this is a braggy post... am I'm
sorry for that
I hope you leave a comment below to tell me what
you feel about my... stuff

Well thanks for looking at my pictures and
my BORING captions but congrats!!! You got
through it!!!

So... Seesya you guys later I'll post later on this


  1. Hiya Yowa! I wanted to pop over and check out your blog (I'm so glad you liked mine!) I was looking through your posts and I must say there are ADORABLE touches everywhere (like your GIFs, your wallpaper, your projects, and even the cursor!!!)

    I love all of your crafts (especially your kawaii strawberries... I have a weakness for berries!)

    Anyway, I hope you're having a nice week :D

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