Thursday, August 9, 2012


Holo!! Yowa here!!!  So lately for some reason I've been obsessed with blogging, almost as much as last that I think back last year I went nuts for blogging...

Anyways, this post will be my first anime review and it's on the latest anime I watched:

So... let's begin!!!

     This anime takes place in Sauville, a tiny French speaking country located in Europe in 1924.  The two main characters are Victorique de Blois, and Kujo Kazuya.  Kazuya is the son of a Japanese imperial soldier and was sent to Sauville for school.  At the school there's a REALLY tall library where Victorique forever reads at the top.  After climbing the long staircase and discovering Victorique, they become parteners in solving crimes with Victorique's "fountain of wisdom".  This anime has bloodcurdling mysteries that leave the tiny Victorique and the protective Kujo  to unravel everything while trying to stay together forever.  A wiseman from the village where Victorique's mother came from has predicted that there will be a big storm that will separate them, but their hearts will forever remain together.  SO will Victorique and Kazuya stay together forever?  If there is separation, will they find each other again?                

Ok, so you might call me emotional but I cried at the end of this anime, and I thought it was very touching how Kazuya and Victorique....I've said too much...teehee sorry I don't really want to spoil it in case you decide to watch it...

So, since I already wrote the summary....this is my rating

Well, I'll end my post here... I hope you guys are liking my posts!!!!

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  1. Hey! We haven't talked in a long time....your blog is really good...I was surprised :P My mom even complimented on it. Keep up the good work ^^