Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stuff I'm Readin'

Holo!!! Yowa here and this is my first post about a manga!!!
So recently I took a liking to childhood friends love romance mangas, I have no idea where that came from, but I searched some up and then I started reading Stardust Wink and Strange Orange.  The annoying thing is that Stardust Wink is still ongoing and not all the current chapters are scanlated into English yet... so I was depressed and wanted to read something so I found Strange Orange, also a childhood romance manga.  I checked to see if it was complete... and MySpaceBULLSEYE!!!  Oh yeah, the summary seems good, PLUS it's complete!! Yay!!  So I started reading it and I loved as much as I loved Stardust Wink.  Ehh but for some reason the last chapter isn't like how the ending of a manga, like the main character ends up with someone etc.  What???MySpace So I checked again, and surprise surprise.... The manga was complete... BUT it wasn't completely scanlated yet.  WHAT??  So now, I'm waiting for a bunch of ongoing mangas, and I hate waiting because then I forget exactly what it was about and what part it ended on!!! Here's a few that I'm waiting for:

1. Pandora Hearts
The manga is getting unexpectedly complicated when part of the truth from 100 years ago was revealed... I'm so addicted, but it's a slow updater, 1 chapter a monthMySpace I definitely recommend this

2.  Gakuen Alice
Ah, Gakuen Alice is also getting unexpectedly complicated, because the anime is so girly and innocent, you would've never guessed what happened in the manga's latest chapter...
Totally recommend this one too

3. Last Game
This one is a newer manga that I found and it's about the guy always being the best until the girl came along... somewhat like Special A if you read or watched that, except in this one the defeated one (the guy) likes the champion (girl)
It's really sweet, and they were friends for like 10 years.... I recommend, but it only has like 10 chapters...

4.  Ao Haru Ride
Oh, and for this manga I have the first 4 volumes in my house, but it's in japanese so I can't read it anyways... My grandma brought it to me when she visited...Cuz my grandparents from my dad's side live in Japan... So I really like this series but, alas it's still ongoing...

5. Stardust Wink
This one is really cute and stuff... There's the main character, the girl Anna, and her 2 childhood friends Sou and Hinata.  Sou confessed to her, but she realizes her love for Hinata???  So this is about their friendship and love... I think it's really sweet and cute...sigh, totally recommend, but as I said, this is my ongoing list....

6. Strange Orange
I have no idea why it's named Strange Orange, but it's still really good.  Asuka and her childhood friend Tomaru were born on the same day in the same hospital and have always been together.  Then Asuka falls in love with Yokoyama whatever his first name was.. Tomaru seems supportive but won't he get lonely?
It's really cute and stuff... I really like it, but as I said before this was the manga where my failure happened...(completed, but not completely scanlated...)  Totally recommend!!!

Well, with all these really good ongoing mangas, I got (naturally) frustrated.  I wanted to read a full manga, a completed one... ( P.S. I also recently read Bokura ga Ita, it was really good, and it was cute... but somewhat depressing, a lot of people died...)  So then i decided to read some oneshot mangas, and it pretty much satisfied my thirst of completed mangas... If your looking for a short and sweet romance oneshot, then I would recommend you read Hug!
This girl has a dog named Koshirou and she loves him to pieces.  Then a guy was transferred into her class named Koshirou and looks like her dog, and sometimes acts like her dog too!!! Will she be able to hold herself from hugging and kissing him???  It was really short and sweet, I loved it.

So yea....This was my manga post, just some otaku stuff and some random wild suggestions for some good reads... even if the ones I mentioned were all ongoing.

I just realized that most of my posts are like super long.. sorry if I'm wasting your time... and I also hope that you ARE reading through all my posts, like a good follower.  But even if you don't... I can't force you... or can I??? hahaha lol... Thanks for sticking with my blog if you are, and don't forget to visit!!!!

Until next time!!!


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