Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Eragon~

Holo!! Yowa here, and today's my doggie's BIRTHDAY!!!   His name is Eragon and he just turned three today!! (Oct. 9th 2012)  We got him on Dec. 27 2009 and yahs he's adorable.  I read the Inheritance series and the main character is Eragon.  I was just joking when i said let's name the dog Eragon but my dad took it seriously and we named him Eragon.  He's a maltese with white fluffy fur.n ME LUVS HIM   here are some pics I took of my dear boy while he ate his DOGGY ICE CREAM!!!

Sigh so adorable!!
Yahs  So he's three and i just can't believe how like he grew so much since we got him, and how idk, it's just a bunch of happy emotions right now!! so ok this was just a post about my awesome dog's birthday and I'm just gonna leave it as a short post considering I should probably study in my spare time...

Ok so I'll post ASAP and I hope I won't have to go on hiatus!!!

kay see u everyone!! luvs <3

(P.S. I'm watching Kaichou wa Maid-sama... it's weird that an otaku like me still hasn't watched it yet but whatever)


  1. Happy Birthday to your doggie! He's so cute! <33

  2. Oh. Happy Birthda to your really sweet dog! He is so cute :)

    Mikki | http://sweetdanger.blog.cz/

  3. Thank you dear! <3 I added your link too :)

    Mikki | http://sweetdanger.blog.cz/

  4. Hello. Blogwalk.
    Happy birthday to your dog.. he's so cute.. weeeh ^_^