Thursday, October 25, 2012

Liebster Award!!

Holo!!! Yowa here, and I was tagged by Penda, one of my affies, to do this Liebster Award!!!
So... this award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers... (lol I only have like 20 right now) Reading Penda's Liebster Award post I learned that "Liebster" means the sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome in German! Ok so here are the rules: 

PhotobucketEach person tagged must pot 11 things about themselves

PhotobucketThey must also answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them

PhotobucketThey must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they decided to tag

PhotobucketThen they must choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers

PhotobucketThese lucky bloggers must be told, and there are no tag backs!!

1st thing on the list: 11 things about myself

1.  I loves anime and manga and kpop and dramas so I'm a serious creepy otaku that lurks around in the shadows... hahaha

2.  I'm really bad at math

3.  I love reading fantasy books and I don't know, adding on to my dorkiness is that I love reading fantasy stories about medieval periods with kings and queens and dragons + princesses and stuff

4.  My favorite subject in school (academic portion) is English... for electives and stuff I like both of them: Home Economics and BAND.  I also like P.E. and currently my ultimate frisbee team named Fruity Planty Candy is the only undefeated!!! (lol the name is a long story)

5.  My favorite number is 5 because my birthday is May 5th and plus 5 is just an awesome number.

6.  I have braces (lol got this idea from Penda) and I had them since 3rd grade and now I'm in my last year of middle school.  Yeah.. really crooked teeth, and long painful years of ortho.

7.  I really love playing video games but like the non-violent ones.  My favorites:  Super Smash Bros Brawl, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and the classic Mario Brothers.

8.  Hmm this is sad.  I'm running out of things to say about myself... errr I wanna be an author when I leave college. (hence English is my fave subject)

9.  I like guys with cool hair cuz they're just cool like that.  Cool as in whatever I like at the moment.

10.  I like to memorize the kpop songs I listen to as well as a bunch of anime openings so if you ever spy on me when I'm by myself then I'd probably be singing in Japanese or Korean

11.  Last one.. I'm obsessed with pencils, I absolutely love lead pencils.  umm up to the point where I buy them online cuz they're just that awesome

2nd thing:  Answering Questions by Penda

1.  If you were a word what would you be?  Umm I would be: CRAZY

2.  If you were stuck on an island in the middle of the Pacific, the 5 items you'd have in your bag:  hmm  this one's hard because I love my computer and iPod touch... I would have the Harry Potter series because I loved them.  Ummm I would also have a giant electrical outlet.  Then my iPod touch (charger included + earphones).  Lastly I would have my pencil case & all my fave pencils inside + a notebook

3.  What song lyrics describe how you're feeling right now?  Right now... hmm at the moment I'm feeling kinda down so "Take me Away" by U-KISS... the part where it's like I can't take this pain. (I'm feeling down and my stomach hurts so I guess blogging helps)

4.  Please share a funny story. (Penda says she knows it's not a question but to answer it)
Hmmm no story funny enough.... I can't really think of a good one at the moment

5.  Who are/is the most creative blogger you've stumbled upon??  NOW A NOTE FOR PENDA:
That's a very unfair question.  To be honest all the blogs I've come across where pretty amazing, and that includes all my affies and whoever I landed a comment in at their tagboard.

6.  What is your least favorite social networking site and why?  I guess I could say Facebook because it pretty much overpowers blogger and like nobody really says "OH I HAVE A BLOG" at school but me lol

7.  What's you're favorite pick up line?  I'm not sure if I'm interpreting this correctly but I think it means like a catchphrase?? So... I like saying coolios... and I always say Holo whenever I see my best buddies in the hallways and I start all my posts with "Holo"

8.  If you and the person you hate most (of the opposite gender) were the only people on earth and the continuance of the human race depended on your mating, would you save the human race?  Definitely not.  I don't care because if I outlive him then I would be the last human.  YAY go me... cuz the guy I hate most.. shudder.. I'd rather die

9.  Which do you prefer: apples or mangoes?  I like mangoes

10.  What's your favorite book?  Err.. my favorite book series would be Harry Potter and my favorite book... is undecided because books in the world are too awesome

11. Who is the person you look up to most and why?  ummm I look up to a lot of people like my grandparents and parents and stuff. I guess because they're older and wiser than me so I respect them and learn from them

3rd thing:  11 questions for MY TAGGED PEOPLES

1.  What's your favorite type of candy?

2.  What's your favorite number?

3.  Do you own an apple product? (cuz my family and I are apple maniacs)

4.  What is the secret thing you are totally obsessed with?? (i kno everybody has one so don't be shy)

5.  What's your nationality??

6.  Do you know what Moshi Monsters is??

7.  Do you actually read people's blogs when you follow them?

8.  Do you like me?  lol just kidding ummm... What's your favorite beverage?

9.  How many siblings do you have?  Or are you an only child?

10.  Do you like eating pumpkin pie?? Are you possibly allergic to pumpkins?  or... GASP dislike pie?

11.  Which do you prefer:  Harry Potter or Hunger Games? or have you read neither? or one but not the other???

4th thing:  TAG YOU'RE IT!!!

1.  Chelsea: Chelsea-ah
2.  Dana:  Soo Dana
3.  Aimee:  Random Corner
4.  Chiemi: Chiemi's Corner
5.  Botoku: MSL Biology
6.  Mi: One and Only
7.  Mikki and Kaida: Sweet Gorgeous Danger
8.  Yuki: Kpop Refresher
9.  Zahrenn- Please Take a Break!
10. Zaty- Izzatie'
11. Valerie: Mocha ChaCha

Kays sorry for the super long post buh bye!!!


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