Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy (early) Halloween!!!

Holo!!! Yowa here, to say:

I know this post is early, but I live on the east coast of the U.S. and a hurricane (Hurricane Sandy) is going to hit tomorrow.  The only good news is that I have off from school tomorrow!!  The news is that there's a high possibility of losing electricity which is why I'm doing my Halloween post early.    So today we went to my brother's friend's house and we carved pumpkins.  The one on the far left was carved buy our family and the others were by the errr other families.  Then we raked the leaves and had a classic "jump in the leaf pile" session.  We did it twice and both times we had huge piles.
Marshmallow thingies
that my bro's friend's mom made
Our leaf pile... I think I still have its remains in my hair...

We had so much fun, and it was awesome.  But what I'm worried about right now is the hurricane coming.  I hope the aftermath won't be that bad so we can still trick-or-treat on Halloween.  This year I have no idea what I am.  All I did was buy a hot pink wig and am gonna wear it on the day.  The problem was I wore it to chinese school and kids mistook me for Barbie, then for Nikki Minaj, or however you spell her name.  Whatever, I'm only wearing the wig to school for a laugh anyways. (P.S. last year I wore an afro to chinese school lol)

Okay... I have to start my homework now (even though I have all of tomorrow, but if we lose electricity then I won't have internet access)
So I hope you have a great Halloween, and if you live on the east coast... FIGHTING!!!!
Comment or leave a message in my tagboard to tell me what you're being this Halloween!! 
Well... Until next time!!

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